A Simple But Effective Workout On The Go!

I’m constantly on the go. Whether it’s trying to squeeze a workout into my busy schedule or trying to get a workout in a hotel gym, I’m always looking for a simple workout that gets results.

I recently experimented with a workout that did exactly that. I had seen people doing this movement called “mapmakers.” I had to try it out. Here’s what they look like:

This movement is deceptively challenging and there are many ways you can break up this workout but here’s what I did.

50 ManMakers For Time

(30lbs dumbbells used in the video)

It’s simple but incredibly effective. I was surprisingly sore the next day. Use a weight that is comfortable but not too heavy. Trust me the weight adds up fast.

The first 10 I felt great. The next 10 felt rough. The next 10 I thought I would quit at 30 and the last 10 I had to break them up in 2’s.

Try it out… It’s “fun.”

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