I’m sick. It sucks. I’m rarely sick. I haven’t been sick in a long time!
My head is pounding and my sinuses feel like their swollen balloons.
Even though I hate being sick, I realize that being sick is an opportunity to figure out what, in your health, was slipping.
I’ve been pushing the limits. Sleeping less. Working more. Trying to channel my inner Gary V to make an impact and grow businesses.
I’ve been pretty on top of eating, minus a few little sweet treats here and there, but one thing as I look back now that has really been slipping is my sleep.
I track my sleep patterns using a sleep app on the iPhone. The past 3 weeks I’ve noticed my sleep efficiency was been much lower. I’ll typically hover around 79%, but recently I’ve been hovering around 63%. One night of that not a big deal, but 3 consecutive weeks, that makes a big impact in our health.
I’ve been working right up until I’m supposed to go to bed and will wake up at 5 am to do it all over again. I have lost track of my nightly routines and I think the results are speaking for themselves.
Needless to say, I’ll be working on my sleep routines and getting back to good quality sleep. Also use times like these to assess where things are going wrong for you and your health. Being out of commission for one day sucks and I know it will be another day or two to recover further.
I don’t like it. It hinders me from doing what I love and I know it does the same for you. Let’s get after it!
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